One Super Sweet Book

It’s the time of the year at where we bake, cook and taste test the best creations from team members across the company during our annual bake-offs. We’re sad, dare we say down right miserable, to be out of the office for this highly-anticipated series of beloved food events. But like most things at Cars For Sale, where there’s a will, there a way, so we collected the sweetest recipes from our resident bakers excited to share their tasty secrets. What’s better than a bake-off? A recipe book, of course, turning one day of decadence into 365 days of sweet opportunity! 

Sweetness Overload. Our Hearts Are Melting.

The sugar, the chocolate, the faces! It’s joy from beginning to end – until you see the scale, anyway. 

“So blessed to be able to share love through baking. There’s nothing better to hold a team together than sugar and spice and COOKIES!!”

Tricia D., Dealer Relations

Sweet, Heavens! It’s Perfection.

It’s looks so berry delicious. Who ever said, “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too,” needs to re-write the phrase. We can’t wait to whip this one up and indulge! 

Great, Scotcharoo’s!

It’s our favorite treat from company-renown pastry chef, Burley Bakin’ Budde, as we’ll dub him here. There’s only one problem, they just don’t turn out the same for us, we figure it must be all of love he pours into every batch. 

In summary, there’s really only one thing left to say…

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