For Peep’s Sake: It’s Easter!

We’re jazzed! Easter is a big deal at We won’t deny that the extra day off or the donut-delivering Easter Bunny helps this cause, but Easter always puts a little spring in our step. As a family-first, faith-driven organization, it’s a time of renewal, joy and tradition – both within the walls of Cars For Sale and in our team-members’ homes.

We know there’s one tradition that will carry on, but we didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket. So, we checked-in with some of our families to see what annual events they’ll be celebrating come Sunday.

Blazin’ the Cars For Sale Bunny Trail

Throughout the years, if there is one thing you can count on, it’s the annual appearance of “Shimmer Fluffy Tail” hopping through the halls, spreading joy (and sugar) in copious amounts.  

100 Eggs, Cash and Carry!  

Our family’s Easter tradition is to hide 100 Easter eggs filled with candy or money around the yard, for the kids! Then they each get to solve a riddle to seek out their very own Easter basket made just for them.” 

Krystal A., Corp Ops

Easter Joy For ALL the “Children”

“Our Easter tradition hasn’t changed since I was a kid. We wake up early to see our Easter Bunny treats before church and Easter brunch. The afternoon is filled with outdoor games and a huge egg hunt for the kids. Then we allow all the “children” to participate in their own special egg hunt to find a specific egg color, so it’s fair, you know!  Making new memories is the best part of our long-standing traditions!”     

Rick B., Corp Ops

We think it sounds pretty perfect, Rick!

Matching Outfits to Dye For 

“We keep it simple. Our longest-standing tradition is Easter dinner with family, and now that we have kids, it’s full of Easter baskets and matching Easter outfits for the girls!”

– Travis M., CFS Sales

For Peep's Sake: It's Easter!

Baskets of Love … & Squawking Chickens? 

“Our favorite tradition is making Easter baskets loaded with Reese’s Eggs and crazy Easter toys to add to our growing collection. We have chicks that “peep”, a bunny that sings “I Want Candy” and a chicken that squawks “HAPPY EASTER!” We all look forward to the weird additions to the collection which always end up being the best part of the baskets even for our teenagers!”

– Lori B., Dealer Relations

Such a fun tradition, Lori B., we may start our own collection!

For Peep's Sake: It's Easter!

 New Again – Beloved Traditions Passed Down 

“One of my favorite Easter traditions was helping my Grandmother make Schupfnudel – amazing German noodles with sausage and potatoes, yum! We had the traditional Easter egg hunts and goodie-filled baskets, but the memories that stick out the most are those cooking one of my family’s FAVORITE meals! This year, we decided to get together and make Schupfnudel for the first time since my Grandma’s passing. I’m so excited to share something that was so special for me, with my own family for the first time!”

– Andrew G., Creative Web

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