Coffee ‘n’ Cars: One Super Charged Convo

“What’s better than coffee? Coffee with my co-workers, of course! And I really do miss starting my mornings with them.” Yvonne said as her face glowed with the energy of too much caffeine.  

It’s now been 313 days, 6 hours, 32 minutes and 12 … 13 … 14… seconds since we became a remote team. That’s a long time. It’s even longer in dog years which is about how long it feels to our close-knit teams. Back in the good ole’ days, when every morning started with a beeline to the Coffee Shop for loads of espresso and some friendly morning chatter, a year without it is almost horrifying.  

So our very creative, very determined teams took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and loaded-up on the things we love: coffee, cars and great conversation that, let’s just say, was extra upbeat.  

Todd laughed, “Tailgating took on a new meaning since we are not in the office.  Spending time during the mild winter weather to catch up with valued co-workers was a really nice pick-me-up.” 

This supercharged conversation bounced from topic to headline to news flash, where the phrase, “oh my gosh”, “no way”, “you didn’t tell me that” and “what?! (laughter)” seems to sum it up. 

“I feel very fortunate to be able to work from home, but I feel even luckier to be part of a work family that misses each other enough to hold a socially distant coffee meet-up. It’s so nice to take time to see each other even after nearly a YEAR of being remote.” Nikki said.  

Until we return to our in-office Coffee Shop morning routine, the distant dreams of happy morning laugher, random songs, the smell of lattes brewing and syrups gracefully being poured will dance in our dreams – well, until the next Coffee ‘n’ Cars anyway.  

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