Getting Into the Holiday Spirit at Cars For Sale

From the very start of December, tinseled trees and glittered snowmen were hung on the walls throughout the Cars For Sale building. Lights were strung along the rails. Stockings were carefully placed along the stairwells. Giant wreaths with big, red bows adorned either side of the sales floor. These decorations helped to set the tone for a festive month. 

The Cars for Sale security team welcomed two new members, who stood guard and held doors for those who entered. These two life-sized wooden nutcrackers were brought out when our security team stepped away for lunch. They returned to find their new companions. 

The sales and support teams started a new morning routine. Angel D. brought in a 30-second dance party, a device that plays upbeat music when the button is touched. The dancing techniques may not win any awards, but our coworkers sure seemed to enjoy the experience. 

During the week of Christmas, an ugly sweater contest was held for those in and out of the office. After employee voting took place on more than two dozen entries, monetary awards were given to the top three winners. Dan B., Dawn U., and Angel D. (first, second, and third place, respectively) went the extra mile, dressing up in unique holiday prints from head to toe. 

I loved all of the creative sweaters, and it was a lot of fun. I just bought that sweater this year. My wife actually picked out the sweater for me and purchased it as a gift.

– Brenden B., Webit

Chris J. also debuted a new sweater this year: 

I was able to do some online shopping and stumbled upon the sweater, and thought it would be perfect for the contest.

The Christmas program plans were kept under wraps until the day of the event. Together again, employees greeted each other and filed into the auditorium for reflection, a Christmas prayer, and a company update. Each department shared some successes of the year and looked ahead to the road map for 2022. 

A 2021 Yearbook, filled with glossy photos from employee gatherings throughout the year, was printed, and given to each employee to take home. 

Then, a Christmas movie was then shown, a catered lunch was delivered, and a new tradition was started. The entire team put their artistic skills to use, painting ornaments and then signing their names to them. After the paint dried, each ornament was hung onto a Christmas tree in the lobby. Next December, when the tree is set up again, each employee will, once again, be able to hang their ornament for all to see. 

I had a lot of fun decorating my ornament. I got to know my coworkers a little more. 

– Sophia D., Creative Web

It was a busy month at Cars For Sale, but activities, contests, and gatherings made it a cheerful one that truly brought out the spirit of Christmas. 

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