Cars For Sale Welcomes 2022 With Treats, Celebration, and Resolutions

Although January 1 fell on a weekend, Cars For Sale welcomed 2022 in style the first Monday after. Employees were immediately met with a table full of sweet treats in the lobby: donuts that spelled out ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘2022.’ 

Some strong-willed coworkers kept their resolutions intact by skipping past the tempting array of glazed, sprinkled, and frosted donuts, but everyone participated in the celebratory countdown later in the day.  

Each armed with a full confetti popper, people from all departments gathered on the second floor and launched a cloud of confetti into the air! 

Besides the confetti, there are a few new resolutions around the office. Some resolutions are work-related, while others are more personal. The resolutions range from making the bed more often, organizing kitchen gadgets, and drinking more water throughout the day to paying down debt and losing weight. 

There are several long-term personal achievement resolutions, too. 

My number one resolution or goal is to finish at least one more 1/2 marathon. I ended up with a broken hip while finishing the Deadwood Half-Marathon four years ago and have not run more than 1 mile at a time since then.

Dan B., Security

With Cars For Sale encouraging a balance between work and family, some employees are focusing on making every moment count. 

My resolution is to be more focused and be more present. For me, that looks like setting my phone aside and not letting apps take up valuable time in my day (hello, Instagram Reels!) as well as being present in the moment instead of always trying to capture the perfect photo or video to share.

  – Caroline R., Marketing

Here’s to accomplishing all of those goals and more in the new year! 

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