Costumes, Pumpkins, and Prizes

Halloween was a fun-filled time at Cars For Sale. It wasn’t just one day, but an entire week of events. You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins, so each department was given supplies for a pumpkin decorating contest. The supplies included a pumpkin, $20 for decorations, and the theme of ‘Any holiday other than Halloween.’ 

After two weeks of brainstorming, planning, carving, and constructing, the six teams submitted their entries. Despite being able to pick from any of the holidays, no two teams went the same route. There was a birthday pumpkin, Fourth of July-themed grill, a Christmas-themed Grinch, a Cinco de Mayo margarita, a bejeweled New Year’s Eve ball, and a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun.

The combined efforts of the Marketing Data and Innovation team ended up paying off. After a company-wide vote, the team’s July 4th submission won first place. 

Then, on the day of Halloween, Cars For Sale team members brought just as much creativity and variety with their Halloween costumes, all in an effort to win the annual Halloween Costume Contest. Not only were bragging rights on the line, but the top four places received monetary prizes, too. 

Timeless classics like the villains from Scream and Captain Jack Sparrow inspired some people. Macho Man Randy Savage snapped into a Slim Jim, Starbucks baristas were ready to serve up some drinks, Spider-Man was in position, and Olaf just wanted to build a snowman. The Swedish Chef from the Muppets and Alan from The Hangover were also easily recognizable.

Morticia and Gomez Adams made an appearance. So did Ken and Barbie. It was Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce that stole the show, though. You can’t read anything or go anywhere these days without seeing a mention of Taylor Swift. Cars For Sale is no exception. Traylor (or is it Tayvis?) nabbed the number one spot and the cash prize that went along with it!

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