Turkey Bowling for Thanksgiving

There’s the Rose Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, and the Super Bowl. Then, there’s the Cars For Sale Turkey Bowl! Now entering its 9th year, turkey bowling is a Cars For Sale Thanksgiving tradition.

The concept is simple: a frozen turkey is purchased, pins are set up, and team members get to throw the turkey down the aisle to win some cash! Each contestant receives money for every pin he or she is able to knock down. A different representative from each department is chosen to take part each year.

The weather cooperated so everyone gathered outside to watch as the participants stepped up for their chance to knock down pins and earn some extra Black Friday shopping money. A group of leads took care of setting up the pins again and returning the turkey to the bowlers after each turn. They even displayed a little Thanksgiving spirit with festive headwear.

Underhand, over the shoulder, with two hands, and with one hand, bowlers toppled pins. It was Richard H., representing the Customer Support team, who was the first to knock down all 10 pins, though.

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