Cars For Sale Celebrates Thanksgiving in a Very Unique Way 

An annual Thanksgiving tradition at Cars For Sale rolled on this November. Team members kicked off their Thanksgiving weekend festivities by gathering for the 8th Annual Turkey Bowl! Turkey bowling is exactly what it sounds like. You take a frozen turkey and use it as a bowling ball, knocking down as many pins as you can. To sweeten the deal, each participant receives $10 for each pin they conquer. 

Turkey Bowling has become a highlight in the office, and this year was no exception. A large crowd of onlookers ended their work day by bundling up and going outside to watch this unique athletic workplace challenge. In previous years, one person from each department was chosen as a competitor. This year, 10 names were drawn at random. 

As each name was called, a new participant stepped forward and chose one of two turkeys: one weighing eight pounds and the other weighing 16 pounds. There were no strikes or spares, but there were a few splits. The handle on the turkey broke halfway through the competition, which has kind of become a tradition as well. 

Even though only 10 people walked away with cash, nobody walked away without appreciation. Every Cars For Sale employee was thanked for their continued hard work year-round. They even got a gift: starting their Thanksgiving weekend a little earlier than expected. 

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