Just Elfing Around

Christmastime is here and with it comes everything jolly like twinkly lights, fluffy snowflakes, hot cocoa, bloated reindeer cookies, and… elves! 

With a sprinkle of magic and a flurry of frost, a new friend stopped by the Carsforsale.com office to say hello.  

Elf McQueen made the journey from the North Pole expecting to be greeted with hundreds of smiling faces, but was instead met with empty desk chairs and quiet meeting rooms. This posed a nagging question: how was McQueen supposed to report who in the office was naughty (like Dawn and Joel) or nice (like Todd and Kelly)?

Without his assigned duties to focus on, McQueen occupied his time exploring the many fascinating areas of the office, filling up on too much espresso (if that’s even possible), and raiding the snack table.

There are still two long weeks left until Christmas. What shenanigans do you think McQueen will come up with next?

I think Elf McQueen has been following me, and I’m not talking about social media.

– Deb, Human Resources

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