Easter Weekend Surprise

Easter is a time for church, family, and usually a bunch of delicious food. However, it’s also a chance to open Easter eggs! While the Cars For Sale employees didn’t go on an Easter egg hunt, they were certainly treated to some Easter festivities.

The afternoon excitement started with the arrival of a 5’8″ Easter bunny. He didn’t come alone, either. He brought a large basket filled with dozens of plastic eggs. Each egg contained a piece of paper with a number written on it.

Those numbers corresponded to an item on one of the prize tables. One by one, everyone picked their egg, saw their number, and claimed their gifts. Since numbers were placed in the eggs at random, the giveaways ended up being completely by chance.

A 4K UHD Smart TV was one of the first gifts to be drawn. After that it was a giant jar of M&Ms. Then, a lawn chair followed by a Roku web camera. Cars For Sale employees walked away with Easter baskets, air fryers, an outdoor bean bag set, coolers, blankets, motion lamps, and wireless headphones. A toaster oven, a waffle maker, board games, and a variety of gift cards were all given away, too. Every team member walked away with something special for Easter.

Good Friday was already marked as a day off for everyone in the company, but the workday didn’t just end with eggs and gifts. There was one more Easter surprise left: everyone got to leave a little bit early as a nice way to start their three-day holiday weekend.

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