Another Pi, Please

Mathematically, Pi may be an irrational number that causes a great amount of mystery, but what happens on Pi Day is no mystery. March 14th means that it’s time to eat pie! That’s exactly what Cars For Sale employees did during the third annual Pi Day Pie Eating Contest.

This year, 17 lemon meringue and chocolate silk pies were laid out on tables in the atrium of the Cars For Sale building. Volunteers signed up to find out who could eat the most pie in exactly three minutes. The rules were simple: no hands or utensils allowed.

Over half of the volunteers entered this pie-filled event with no previous experience. Most of the competitors were covered up with ponchos and goggles, but that didn’t entirely protect them from the mess they ended up making. The chocolate shavings, the whipped cream, and the pie filling got all over once they started the contest.

As soon as the timer started, the feverish eating began. Plenty of photos were taken as the competitors took different approaches to consuming the most pie. Some tried to scoop the whipped cream off the top in order to get to the filling faster. Some focused on one spot and worked from there. Others dipped their entire face into the whole pie. By the time the clock ran out, goggles were covered in whipped cream, and chocolate and lemon meringue were mixed deeply into a few of the competitors’ facial hair. Was it worth it, though? Who would win this year? 

Each pie was weighed and then compared to its starting weight. After some quick calculations, the 17 entrants found out how they placed. The second runner up was De’Lorian D. from the Dealer Relations team. Tanner S., from Marketing, took second place. The winner and third-annual pie-eating champion was Micah R., from the IT team. He ended up eating over 25 ounces of pie! 

Even though Micah volunteered to participate on a whim, he had high expectations for how well he’d do. 

I have a hard time backing down from a challenge, so I stepped up to the pie. Given that I have a history of dropping jaws with how much I can eat. I thought I’d be in the top 5.

– Micah R., IT

It’s perhaps no coincidence that Micah won. He entered this contest with a game plan. First, he chose the lemon meringue flavor on purpose so that chocolate pie wasn’t forever ruined for him after this. Second, he knew what his pie-eating method was going to be.

I hardly do things at random. There’s always a method. For this I thought, ‘Chewing takes too long. I will just submerge and suck the pie in like a bottom feeding fish.’ That worked well for the competition. Truth be told, my guts hated me for it.

– Micah R., IT

And now we leave you with the face of a man who conquered the challenge that was presented to him: 

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